Thursday, May 6, 2010

Really? Is this spring?


So how are you all doing? Celebrating Spring? Or like us wearing jackets and mufflers every morning, struggling to get out of bed? To describe zurich weather for the past week, you need 1 word - Rain.
But I wouldn't share a gloomy, cloudy day with you. A short post today. Just realised the blog is going to complete one year of existence next month. I would have liked Snacksgiving to be at a better place than it is today.
But that's ok - I'll survive. Will come up with another Indian recipe soon. For now, I have been going a bit crazy with all the fresh berries showing up again! Woohoo! Made some desserts and smoothies with those babies, and looved it! Be back soon! Share


  1. It is sunny, hot, and humid here. I struggle to get out of bed even when the weather is nice...I love berries...yum!

  2. It's autumn here in Sydney :) Love spring time!