Monday, September 27, 2010

Celebrate fall with a $1000 shopping spree!

Autumn is upon us! And I'm not complaining. I never complain about autumn. It is the winter that drives me crazy.
On the one hand the first few days of autumn feel nice - it reminds me that the holiday season is almost here, and soon there'll be loads of Christmas shopping to do! It reminds of the pumpkin pies and cakes and bakes for Christmas! But once the festive season is gone, the months of grey until we start getting the first signs of spring are the hardest. That is when I complain!

For now, I am just waiting for the first of the chestnut stands - heisse marroni to come up at my favourite spots! Then there is some shopping for the winter to be done - need to buy a new coat, and some boots as well. Of late, my mailbox has been flooding with "10% off fall clothes" or 25% off blah blah if you spend more than blah, and so on. All that talk of the latest trends etc isn't helping me to not hit the stores!
And then I got a mail from one of my favourite stores - They have a lucky draw and one person can win a $1000 shopping spree!! Woohoo!
And don't worry, if you can't win that, one of you can always win a $25 gift card from yours truly. That wouldn't buy you much, but it does enter you for that $1000 contest.
Interested? Read on for the few simple steps to enter..
  1. Go to, and enter the We Love Brands contest
  2. Come back here and include a BESO link in the comments box for one of items you’d purchase if you were the $1,000 winner.
  3. Follow Snacksgiving publicly. Just click on the "Follow" button on the right pane of this blog.

For an 1 extra entry:
• Post the Beso Shopping Widget on your blog found here: and post a link of your blog here.

The We Love Brands ends on Oct 6. So you have time to enter until then. On Oct 8, Saturday, I'll pick out a winner of the $25 gift card. offered me a $25 gift card for my efforts in hosting this giveaway Share

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The winner! ..finally!

Hello my lovely readers! Its so good to be back again and talking...umm..writing to you all! Its been more than a month since I last posted anything on this blog - well it was initially a bit of work pressure, and then a last minute, and soo well deserved vacation! We had a wonderful little break in Spain - Barcelona, where the sun was still shining. Yes, we went chasing summer for a few more days! It was amazing.

Where all did you go this year for your holiday? Let me know!

Anyways, so the long overdue winner of the CSN giveaway is now decided - thanks to I had initially opened the contest till 4-Sep, but since I couldn't pick the winner until then, I opened the contest for a bit longer, and all the comments posted have been considered. Somehow the response was a bit lukewarm this time around. Summer breaks maybe? Or back-to-school blues?
Ok, so here is the winner ..finally..(guilty, red faced)

Congratulations Swapna - you'll be hearing from me soon.
So normal *blogging* service resumes now. Thank you all for participating and CSN stores for giving me this opportunity.