Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did it go?

Where did it go? Summer! Why so early? I guess it's never too early for fall! Today is kind of an official start of fall. We have this end of summer festival in Zurich on September 15 of each year..which is the last of those beer-glugging-wurst-eating-cowboy-hat-wearing-half-naked crowd swinging away to some random beats! (That was a long one!).

Well we can't stop the summer, but surely can celebrate the onset of fall! The changing flora, the cozy evenings, cool mornings, chocolate, pies, hearty soups and stews! And of course Halloween, Thanksgiving (and the Black Friday), Christmas and then New Year..

It is the beginning of change. Sure you'll see it here berries are most likely to be replaced by chocolate! Apple, cinnamon, chocolate, mulled wine are to winter what berries, peaches, watermelons and mangoes are to summer!

Let us all enjoy the last few of those sunny and long days that we have on offer..and bring on the limoncellos, the barbecued fish, maybe some refreshing green salads.. more mojito for me pleese..hic Share


  1. Sounds like a fun time in Zurich!

    The summer flew by, but looking forward to to all that fall comfort food. Just discovered you blog. I like it!

  2. Very well written! i totally agree its already pretty chilly here in basel, enjoy your summer festival :)

  3. just discovered your website, and i'm so glad i did. I love your recipes and photography, keep it up! looking forward to whats coming up! :)

  4. Nice read! I was in zurich for few weeks for my training at Univerity Hospital. Lovely pics yaar!