Monday, September 14, 2009

My long weekend and failed macarons!

Holidays are just so therapeutic! So relaxing, and rejuvenating no matter how tired your muscles maybe! Of course, that depends on the kind of holiday you like - just lazing around at the beach, or something more active - hiking/trekking/cycling etc. I wouldn't say I am on a holiday, but just took a long weekend, and boy, am I loving it or what! While my husband plays the Xbox with friends to his heart's content, I have been on some wild online shopping sprees, and devouring blog after blog, recipe after recipe, and really gawking at some amazing food photos!
I quite liked it when I saw my Nectarine Pie on the 'Daily Specials' at Foodbuzz today. It's probably not such a big deal, but I liked it still :-)

Well, despite the long weekend I haven't managed to post anything. And that happens to be coz I get too ambitious sometimes, and embark on some really tricky recipes. I had 2 failed experiments yesterday - one with a macaron, and another an Indian dish called - puran poli.

Here is a picture of my failed macarons. I didn't get the coveted 'feet', and neither was the the top smooth and silky :-(. I will try the following the next time around
- Tap the sheet pan to remove air bubbles
- Let it rest for about 40 minutes before popping into the oven
That is really what I can think of. Maybe when I am successful, you shall hear from me on the tips. Of course I shall keep my eyes and ears open if you happen to have some tips for me!
I wanted to make it again today, but didn't. But I am sort of under the spell of French baking at the moment. I think I shall make some almond-tuiles tommorow, or maybe something else. Let's see. Until then, ciao. Have fun y'all! Share


  1. Aren't they frustrating? Fingers crossed that your second batch is successful!

  2. Holidays are terapeutic, yes! Next time will be better but...your macarons are very nice!

  3. You too!!!!! i too tried macarons today and failed twice :(((((
    check out has some really useful links for macarons..let me know if it helps :)

  4. Mine were exactly same as yours...more like chocolate meringue the way which recipe did you use?

  5. Parita - I am not even sure now which recipe I used, I had browsed through so many. I guess it's not the recipe, but the technique that mattes here. I made yet another batch - still no success :-(

  6. i say as long as they taste good, no worries!

  7. I have recently been on a macaron obsession myself and have not yet achieved a perfect mac. Good luck in your efforts!