Monday, October 19, 2009

Swiss autumn

I had the season's first 'Heisse Marroni' today, or 'Hot Chestnuts' in English. Nothing quite dictates the beginning of fall here in Switzerland as a 'Marroni' stand at all the busy spots in the cities selling hot chestnuts in small paper bags. On those cold evenings when both husband and I can manage to catch the same train back home, we buy some to munch along during the journey - oh, feels lovely just to think we are in that time of the year again!

Cool, early evenings, changing greenery with orange, golden and sometimes reds peeping through! That view from the train never fails to take my breath away! And then coming home to a nice hot soup or hot chocolate or even tea! Have I mentioned how I love autumn?
And of course who can miss those giant orange pumpkins - waiting to be carved, cooked or simply used for decoration! I think I'm gonna make one of those pumpkin, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies - never made those!

Another thing that I am looking forward this season is raclette! The traditional meal with nothing but cheese, potatoes and maybe some wine. Hmmm, that spells bad news for the bum and the tum! Haha! Well, isn't that why the layers and the coats are for? Anyways, here is to a fun, colourful and cozy autumn! *clink* Share


  1. Sounds cold! Brrrrr. I am hoping that you blog about the traditioanl meal of cheese, potatoes and wine too. That would be fabuous!

    Stay warm.

  2. @velva :Sure, I will try and blog about it :)

  3. I miss marronis sooooooooooo much, they were my fav, used to have them everyday :-)

  4. You live in my dream country da. Love ur blog, and photos are excellent..! Am following you! Do visit my blog @

  5. I agree - hate the rainy weather but welcome the chance to eat marroni, fondue and raclette!