Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Herez wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.
Hope you had fun during the holidays, and ate a lot in the Christmas, New Year spirit.
I surely had my share of stollens, cream laden muffins and a few mince pies. Needless to say, I am reaching for all my loose T-s these days. But hey, it's ok. We are allowed to binge every once in a while right?
Anyways, good luck with your resolutions if you have made any. For me, birthdays seem more a time for thinking through, making and breaking some promises to self. But yes, since everyone around seems to be following some regimens for a few days past the new year, it is probably easier to keep oneself motivated around this least until we all forget about them after a few days :))
Have fun, and hope the world sees a nice and peaceful 2010 Share


  1. Wish u a very Happy New Year too!

  2. Yes ....and hope the world sees a nice and peaceful 2010

  3. Happy Newy Year, glad I found your blog......I believe you are hosting DMBLGIT Feb 2010??

  4. @nina That's right. I am hosting next month's DMBLGIT. And this month it is "Think Spice" from Sunita Bhuyan's blog. Will post the details later today!