Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Don't we all love the holidays? Never mind the stress of getting the perfect gifts, arranging dinners, making the perfect turkey etc, but just the festiveness all around, with shops all decked up, gift sets all around, christmas tree decorations, pies and stollens, candles and tea-lights, wrapping papers and bows, ..ah! I love it all.

A visit to a chocolate shop, a good ol' confectionary, hell, even a grocery store reminds you how it is time to be shopping, celebrating and MOST importantly, - eating!

So when I saw this colourful Lindt Chocolate Boutique at the airport duty free, I urged the hubby to take a picture. So inviting, and full of ..bling!

To all those who celebrate it - A very happy Thanksgiving! (Although I am sure if you do celebrate it, chances are you are busy in your kitchen rather than reading this!).

For the rest, let's just feast our eyes...No, no girls, I am not suggesting to go check out those boys in the cafeteria, rather just watch, enjoy and eat all this food and festivity. Well, you might as well check out those guys while you're at it :D Share