Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am back!

So how are you all doing? It's been very long since I blogged here..not that I have not been seeing the new comments and subscribers - but just that I haven't had the time to update it with new posts. Just saw my drafts - and I had started writing one on 1-Nov, but never got around to posting it. November is when I get to celebrate my birthday, and unlike a lot of others, I am kinda getting the urge to make some resolutions now. The year seems to have flown by so fast! Anyways, more on that later.

So what have I been upto? Well - crazy busy at work to start with, and then a wonderful vacation in Greece! I had been wanting to visit it for so long - finally managed to make it there. We spent a few days in Santorini (one of the islands), and some days in Athens, and also in Prague. Yes, a lot of places - which means a lot of new pictures, new food items, and new recipes.

And much like any other city we have visited - the inevitable happened. While walking down the main streets in Prague, searching for a nice place to grab a bite, we stumbled upon ...
Häagen-Daz !

But of course!.
And as you can guess, we had one of those waffles with sinful dark chocolate ice-cream, thick chocolate sauce and some fresh fruits!
For any of you wondering why I go ga-ga over spotting a Häagen-Daz, well, as you would know, some of the ice-creams are to die for, and hence are one of the omni-present items in our freezer. But other than that - it's the waffles! Warm, soft and slightly crispy at the same time, I get hungry just looking at them. These babies are quite hard to find in Zurich, and I don't own a waffle iron. So I almost pounce upon any chance of grabbing them wherever I can spot them - Häagen-Daz being one of my favourites.

I will have a few posts on our Greece trip, and this time I wouldn't be gone too long! :-) Share