Thursday, June 11, 2009

Muesli Bar

Oh the pressure of a new post on a new blog! I want to impress you all, follow the blog, give me comments(only good comments allowed ;-) .. ) spread it, quote it, appreciate it....yeah right! There goes my greedy self hungry again!
Let me just start with what is almost my weekly ritual. Nah not quite, I get bored too easily. But I do make it quite often. Mainly coz its easy, and better still, healthy. We here in Switzerland (no, I am not the "extremely smart, handsome, clever and bright person, who is just a little bit too perfect to be real" - also known as 'Swiss'. Dont believe me? Check the Urban Dictionary). Ok so the Swiss call it Muesli Bar. Maybe the Germans call it the same too. (wonder who's the copy cat?). So heres how I make it
2 cups rolled oats - I use the steel cut variety
1/3 cup each wheatgerm, pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds, sesame seeds
some chopped dried fruit - dried apricot, figs, cranberries. Sometimes I use dates, but they are too sweet for my liking - at least in a muesli bar. All of this chopped to be about a cup and a half.
1/2 cup peanut butter. I have been meaning to make it at home, with good quality Extra virgin olive oil, but havent done it yet. Somehow I am never so sure about the oil used in peanut butter at the supermarkets. Anyways..
1/3 cup brown sugar. And if gets a little dry, (coz I havent measured the stuff properly), about 2 tablespoons honey.
The butter, sugar is melted in a heavy bottom pan. The dry ingredients mixed up. Then its time to get the hands dirty. Mix the butter and sugar gooey paste to the dry stuff, and lay it on the baking tin. You'd have to press it, coz the stuff is quite sticky and gooey. Bake it at 150 for 35-40 mins. Cool it, cut it, pack it, and snack on it. Share

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