Monday, June 15, 2009

Posh nosh

A long time ago I had seen a bag of blue corn chips while grocery shopping in London. Not exactly grocery shopping, I was there on holiday and like on all holidays I loooooove to go to the local grocery store, the old rugged and rustic looking bakeries, the local drug stores where I love to pick up some cosmetics, some face creams, some hair masks and just browsing in general. So anyways, today I saw a video by Nigella Lawson talking poshly about posh blue corn. And that got me thinking - what nosh is posh and what is not so posh? I came up with my list of all things posh

- Blue corn tortilla chips
- Vanilla bean instead of vanilla from a bottle
- Truffle and truffle oil. Somehow I feel some chefs are just showing off by using truffle oil in an attempt to go 'gourmet'. I mean agreed it goes great with starchy food - potatoes, pasta, bruschetta, but truffle oil on salad? Now that I think is a bit of a show off.
- Dark chocolate as opposed to Snickers.
- Caviar. Even the name sounds posher than the real deal - fish eggs anyone?
- Foie Gras (duck liver ?)
- Croissant vs Dunkin Donuts?
- Espresso vs Starbucks' Tall Lattes?
- Home made sauce vs ketchup?
- Free range chicken and eggs

Oh my head is exploding with options. Will come back with more later. What are your ideas of posh food?


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