Friday, June 12, 2009

Third time lucky?

Somehow I havent yet had any luck with blenders. My first was this Moulinex which had more parts that I could count. Used just the 2 most handy ones - until it broke after a year. There was another one that I bought then which works alright, but you know...its quite a task to clean it. After a hard day's work I cant quite find that energy to bother with it all. Not to forget the sound of 50 jets flying around my head! I bought myself a Magic bullet. Yeah..gave in to the gimmick! Have been reading its reviews on Amazon, and I dont have the same enthusiasm to use it now..
Well we'll see. At least I'm hoping to make more smoothies each morning..well..ok..every 'weekend morning'. Along with the crepes, and the nutella, and the banana, oh throw on some nom mum.... Share

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