Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson on a food blog? Sorry but I am overwhelmed with shock and some of the (horrible) jokes that I read on him on the net. I couldnt quite resist posting this.
The web is abuzz with people talking in disbelief, shock and sadness over the sudden death of the legend. I am suddenly finding myself questioning my opinion of the 'Wacko Jacko', as I used to refer to him. In fact, as I watch his 'Earth song' on TV, I am feeling awful even using that moniker. I mean, think about it - you have a childhood of abuse from your own father at home, a childhood full of the pressure of performing, thats all you do since age 5 - at an age when you'd rather have friends than fans, ..
At age 30 you build yourself a fantasy land from Peter Pan rather than a home with a spa, gym, or your usual boys toys. It all is just crying out loud of a life that is confused, lonely, deprived of childhood and normality. But the world, your age and your fans demand something more star - like, gracious and normal. A fragile mind not equipped to handle his issues made him an escapist. It showed right from some of his songs to the multiple surgeries from changing his colour, his nose, his chin, cheeks, eyes etc.
Eccentric, bizzare, pedophile, mannequin. I'd rather remember him as the Thriller, 'Moonwalk'er, the King of Pop. Michael Jackson, you would be missed. Share

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