Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A perfect Mojito for a perfect summer day!

What a bright and sunny summer day it is! It is on days like these you feel like celebrating summer! Peeping out of my kitchen window was a pot of mint. Bingo! What do I need? A Mojito of course!
You know how smells remind you of something or someone(I mean the pleasant kind please!), a certain song would remind you of your days gone by, for me sometimes a cocktail does the trick. Last year when we were in Frankfurt on the 1st of September, there was this 3 day SeptemberFest that was just what we needed. Frankfurt isn't really a touristy place, so we ran out of things to do on the first day itself. It was this fest that made our weekend. A typical summer celebration, with different bands playing their own kind of music, stalls selling souvenirs, flowers, hats and of course there was food from all corners of the globe( does the globe have corners?)
Anyways, so here we were sitting one evening, soaking up the sun, listening to Summer of '69, sipping on a Mojito. Hmm..good times.
Almost 1 year later, I think of Mojito, and thats what I remember. Herez how to make it. You need
Few mint leaves (3 to 4 per glass)
1 lime
2 teaspoon powdered sugar
2 ounces white rum
2 ounces club soda

Put mint leaves in a glass, squeeze the lime, add powdered sugar, and muddle it together. Don't be too aggressive, just muddle it to release the flavours. Add in the rum, ice and stir. Finish it with the club soda. And a mojito wouldn't be a mojito without a sprig of mint for garnish. Go wear your sunscreen, grab your sunshades, make a mojito and get the party started!
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