Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Magic

Yesterday my Magic Bullet arrived. Despite all the skepticism that I had, I was still so enthusiastic to open it up and try it all out. Checked the cups and appreciated the nice and strong motor. Made a spice powder that I used for making curry. It is good. So is the magic bullet :)
The best thing I am liking is that the different blades are just the lids to the cups. I don't need an entire cupboard devoted to the different blades - much like they say in the advert.
I have always wanted to own one - each time I would give up on trying out a dish coz it involved using the bulky mixer and then having to struggle cleaning it up, I would resolve on picking up one of these. Just that the ad made it look too good to be true. Of course it is, but whatever. I'd probably have more home-made smoothies and chutneys than I've had in all my life hope the enthusiasm (and the bullet) stays :)

From what I have been reading, following are the points to keep in mind while using the Magic bullet
- Twist/Press the cup only for a max of 30 seconds a time. The motor gets hot very quickly and may break
- Fix the cups on the motor properly before starting it. The rubber will otherwise wear from the blades underneath
- The rubbers are vital to the mixer, so make sure it is not exposed to heat.(The rubber is a part of their shabby design and actually limits the life of the mixer).
And oh if you think you can get it from their customer support, think again!
Anyways, here are some pictures of my beloved mixer Share


  1. Is it really good, I might get one of those too. I'm always in the illusion that this is THE mixer you must have!

  2. It is good because its very easy to use - if you dont use a mixer often only coz its heavy, messy and a pain to clean, then this is a godsend - I am using it more than I used any other mixer. But I wouldnt say its THE ultimate thing to have - coz it doesnt chop onions like they show on TV, and has a very short life. I still have my old bulky food processer lying at the shelf - which I use for chopping onions, shredding carrots etc.